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“Yehia and Kenoz” Cartoon Series Explores Evolution of Ancient Egyptian Civilization

Wed 06 Apr 2022 | 02:30 PM
Ahmed Emam

“Yehia and Kenoz” cartoon series, starring the renowned Egyptian actress Isaad Younis "Hatshepsut", alongside talented actor Yasser Galal "Ramsis" and other well-known stars recently explored amazing stories about the history of ancient Egyptian civilization.

The series of Yehia and Kenoz illustrate the evolution of Egyptian civilization and assemble a timeline to determine when certain pharaohs ruled Egypt and when significant events occurred.

Asking about the idea behind the cartoon, Mohamed Adeli, the scriptwriter of the Egyptian cartoon series “Yehia and Kenoz,” told Sky News Arabia that he want to establish an Egyptian cartoon film about the history of ancient Egypt because he was totally fascinated by the royal mummies parade that took place last year and the mysterious of Pharaohs as well.

He revealed that the idea also focused on showing Egypt’s heritage, including Pharaonic temples and museums, while a young Egyptian child "Yehia" and his mate "Kenoz" are living a new adventure in every episode and how they deal with it all.

"The cartoon of Yehia and Kenoz will help young children understand the evolution of the culture from the Predynastic Period to the end of the pharaonic era," Adeli pointed out.

In the same connection, the talented scriptwriter indicated, "It's important that children and young audiences understand the time period of the ancient Egyptian civilization and also the continuity of the society to the present day through this entertainment series."