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Yasmine Sabri Appears with Rami Malek at Cartier's Madrid Event

Wed 22 Jun 2022 | 02:01 AM
Taarek Refaat

Actress Yasmine Sabri posted through her account on the Instagram photo a video while she was in Spain, during which she appears with the Egyptian international star Rami Malek at Cartier's Madrid event.

The appearance of Sabri comes a few days after her crisis with director of the "Shader" series Sameh Abdel Aziz, which erupted after Yasmine stated that she had apologized for the series because she wanted to present something better and that the script was weak, while Abdelaziz then confirmed in a press statement that the series dispensed Jasmine, and not vice-versa.

It is noteworthy that Sabri had previously met in September last year with Rami Malek, on the sidelines of their attendance at the opening of the 78th Venice Film Festival.