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"Welad Rizk 3" Wraps Production

Wed 15 May 2024 | 11:40 AM
Welad Rizk
Welad Rizk
Yara Sameh

Production has wrapped on the long-awaited third outing in the franchise, "Welad Rizk 3: El Qadya" (Sons of Rizk 3: The Knockout).

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"Welad Rizk" first premiered in 2015 and hails from screenwriter Salah El Gehiny and director Tarek Al Eryan.

The film features an all-star ensemble cast that includes Ahmed Ezz, Amr Youssef, Karim Qassem, Mohamed Mamdouh, and Ahmed El Fishawy. 

It also sees familiar faces such as Sayed Ragab, Eyad Nasser, Bassem Samra, and Mohamed Lotfy as well as newcomers Karim Abdel Aziz, Maged El Kedwany, and Asmaa Galal.

Karim Abdel Aziz will also make an appearance in the third outing. Moreover, Asser Yassin is set to reappear as Al Shayeb in the installment and will have more screen time for the character in preparation for the "Welad Rizk" spin-off film "Al Shayeb" (The King).  

However, Ahmed Dawood will not be returning for the third entry.