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Wadih George Wassouf Dies after Failed Surgery; Singer Hospitalized

Sat 07 Jan 2023 | 11:49 AM
Omnia Ahmed

Syrian singer George Wassouf's son, Wadih, passed away after staying in the hospital for days, following an operation that led to major complications.

Wadih entered a hospital in Lebanon on 27 December 2022 to undergo gastric bypass surgery and suffered from some complications, which required transferring blood units, media outlets reported.

Meanwhile, Wadih will be buried in the family cemetery in his hometown of Kafroun in Syria, after the prayer in St. Elias Church at 5 pm.

The funeral will be held on Saturday at Mar Nicola Greek Orthodox Church in Achrafieh from 12 to 6 pm. 

It will also take place in Kafroun at Mar Elias Church after the burial on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, starting at 12 PM. 

On 14 January, Saturday, the prayers will be held in Achrafieh in Beirut.

Following his son’s death, reports indicated that Wassouf was hospitalized after falling down due to the tragic news.

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