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TV Series “Qala’ Al-Ḥijr” Character Posters Unveiled

Mon 12 Feb 2024 | 08:24 PM
Qala’ Al-Ḥijr
Qala’ Al-Ḥijr
Yara Sameh

A series of character posters from renowned Egyptian actress Sawsan Badr's upcoming TV series "Qala’ Al-Ḥijr" has been unveiled.

The cast also includes Mohamed Riad, Riad Al-Khouly, Sahar Al-Sayegh, Rania Farid Shawqi, Samira Abdel Aziz, and more.

It is scripted by Ahmed Wafdy and directed by Hosny Saleh. Inspired by real events, "Qala’ Al-Ḥijr" takes place in the “Nuba” and “Qamola” regions in Upper Egypt and addresses women’s rights.

"Qala’ Al-Ḥijr" is set to screen during the Ramadan 2024 drama marathon. Take a look at the posters below: