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TV Series “Leh La” S3 Cast Revealed

Tue 08 Nov 2022 | 07:07 PM
Nelly Karim
Nelly Karim
Yara Sameh

Shahid streaming platform unveiled the full cast of the third season of the TV series "Leh La", along with behind-the-scenes photos from the series.

The cast includes Nelly Karim, Salah Abdullah, Aida Riad, Ahmed Tarek, Moataz Hisham, and others.

Director Nadine Khan helmed the series from a script by screenwriter Mariam Naoum and her team in the SARD workshop.

Principal photography is currently underway.

"Leh La" focuses on the challenges and difficulties that Egyptian women face.

Season one followed a character played by Amina Khalil, and season two followed a new story starring Menna Shalaby.

Karim focused on the injustice women face in divorce courts in last year’s "Faten Amal Harby", and discussed the cruel conditions Egypt's female debtors - known as 'Gharemaat' - subjected to on a daily basis in 2014's "Segn El Nesaa".

Moreover, she is preparing to participate in Ramadan 2023 drama marathon with the TV series "Omla Nadra" (rare currency).

The series sees Karim embodying a woman from Upper Egypt for the first time who is prevented from inheriting.

Karim will be seen next in the TV series “Rose and Layla”, starring veteran actress Yousra.

The series also features Karim’s husband Hisham Ashour and rising actor Tayam Amar.

The project witnesses Karim and Ashour’s first acting project.

Ashour is set to play the role of Rose’s husband and a detective who takes on cases and helps her in the investigations.