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TV Series "Al Moalem" First Look Unveiled

Tue 13 Feb 2024 | 03:49 AM
Mostafa Shaban
Mostafa Shaban
Yara Sameh

The first look at Egyptian actor Mostafa Shaban's TV series “Al Moalem" has been unveiled.

The cast also includes Salwa Khattab, Ahmed Bedier, Sahar El Sayegh, Hager Ahmed, Monther Rayahnah, Entsar, Ahmed Fouad Selim, and more.

“Al Moalem" is scripted by Mohamed Elshawaf, directed by Morcous Adel, and produced by Synergy.

The series is based on the 1986 film "Shader El Samk", starring Ahmed Zaki and Nabila Ebeed.

“Al Moalem" is set to screen during the Ramadan 2024 drama marathon. 

Shaban participated last Ramadan with the TV series "Baba Al Magal".

It also starred Sawsan Badr, Riyad Al-Khouli, Sama Ibrahim, Sahar El Sayegh, Arefa Abdel-Rasoul, Mohamed Radwan, Bassem Samra, Yasmin Raeis, Jumana Murad, Mohamed Najati, Mahmoud Hafez, and more.

The series is directed by Ahmed Khaled Moussa and produced by Kamel Abu Ali and Essam Al-Arjani.

Mostafa Shaban

Shaban, born on May 19, 1970, is considered one of the most prominent stars who have been annually present in Ramadan.

He presenqted in the past years’ TV series “Molook El Gadaana“ in 2021, TV series “Abu Gabal” in 2019, “Ayoub” in 2018, and “Allahom Any Sayem” in 2017.

Shaban also starred in the TV series “Abu Al-Banat” in 2016, “Mawlana El-aasheq” in 2015, “Doctor Amrad Nesa” in 2014, “Mazag El Kheir” in 2013, and “Al Zoga Al Raba’a” in 2012.