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Remembering Khaireya Ahmed on Her Death Anniv.

Sun 19 Nov 2023 | 10:21 AM
Ahmed Emam

Today (Nov. 19) marks the 12th death anniversary of renowned Egyptian actress Khaireya Ahmed, best known for her role in the famous radio comic program “Sa’a Le Albak”. The legendary comedy actress passed away at the age of 74, in 2011.

Khaireya Ahmed was born in Cairo in 1937 and began her career 50 years ago. Over the years, she appeared in approximately 44 films, many of which were alongside comedians Fouad El-Mohandes and Ismail Yassin.

Her first film appearance was in Youssef Chahine's Ibn El Nil (Son of the Nile) in 1951. In the 1950s, she was also featured in a radio comic program called Saa Le Kalbak (An Hour for Your Heart), starring Fouad El-Mohandes. Khaireya Ahmed also worked with many theater troupes, including the El-Rihany troupe, Amin Heneidy's troupe, and the Egyptian comedy troupe.

Khaireya Ahmed had several TV series appearances as well, including Al Hakeeka Wal Sarab (The Truth and the Mirage), Mama fil Kesm (My Mother at the Police Station), and Esabaet Mama we Baba (Mother and Father's Gang).

She is well known also for her collaboration with late star Mohamed Awad in 'Al-tartour' (The hood), 'Taba’ Salata' (Salad dish), 'Kalaam Reggaala' (Men talk), 'No’tet Al-da’f' (The weak point”, 'Mahragaan Al-harameyya' (Festival of thieves) and 'Al-Osayyareen' (Short people).

She was married to the late satirical writer Youssef Auf and had one son. Her sister is the actress Samira Ahmed, with whom she also worked.