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Ramez Galal Shares Poster for Prank Show “Ramez Never Ends”

Fri 10 Mar 2023 | 12:39 AM
Omnia Ahmed

Egyptian actor and prankster Ramez Galal unveiled the first look for Ramadan 2023 prank show “Ramez Never Ends”.

MBC Egypt released another poster for the show.

In previous remarks during the Joy Awards in Saudi Arabia, Galal denied claims that his not participating in the Ramadan marathon and affirmed his plans for a new prank show.

The actor was recently seen in the film “Akhi Fok El Shagara”, which also Bayoumi Fouad, Tara Emad, Hamdi Al Marghani, Nesreen Tafesh, Mahmoud El Leithy, and others.

It follows Alaa, an introverted young man whose life turns upside down when his twin brother, Bahaa, whom he never knew existed and the complete opposite on all levels, barges into his life.  

Contributed by Yara Sameh