Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Oman’s Labour Minister, Indian Army Chief and His Wife Visit NMEC

Fri 26 May 2023 | 01:50 AM
Ali Abo dashish

In continuation of the series of official visits that the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) receives from a number of officials from foreign and Arab countries.

During the past few days, a high-ranking delegation from the Sultanate of Oman headed by the Minister of Labour, Dr. Mahad bin Saeed Baawin, and his accompanying delegation visited the Museum on the sidelines of their current official visit to Egypt.

The Omani delegation was accompanied by Dr. Saleh Al-Sheikh, Head of the Egyptian Central Agency for Organisation and Administration.

The museum also hosted Indian Army Chief General Manoj Pandey and his wife.

They were received by Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim, CEO of the NMEC, who welcomed them as he was keen to introduce the treasures of the museum to them in addition to explaining its unique archaeological holdings.

Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim also gave the visiting officials an overview of the most important educational and cultural programmes and workshops organized by the NMEC to raise tourism and archaeological awareness among the audience.

Asma al-Hawari, curator of the museum, took the Omani Minister of Labour and his accompanying delegation on a tour of the various halls of the museum, where she gave them a detailed explanation of the treasures in it and the scenario of the museum show that highlights the creations of the Egyptian civilization through the different historical eras.

The Omani minister was also keen to visit the first international "Empower Her Art Forum", where he inspected the pavilion of female artists participating in it from the State of Oman to encourage them.

The Omani minister expressed his happiness with the participation of Omani women in this important forum and the presentation of their distinguished and creative art.

He also expressed his fascination with the archaeological treasures that he saw in the museum, revealing his happiness and that of the delegation accompanying him to visit this great edifice, which testifies to the history of Egypt and its ancient civilization. They also made sure to take many memorial photos to record their visit to the museum.

At the end of the visit, Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim was keen to present the minister and his accompanying delegation with the catalog of royal mummies, which are considered the icons of the museum.

In a related context, the curator of the museum, Dr. Marian Adel, took the Indian army commander and his wife on a tour of the museum halls and gave them an explanation of the history of the museum's archaeological treasures, which shed light on the creations of the ancient Egyptian civilization.

The tour also included the reception building, the area overlooking Lake Ain al-Sira, and the open theatre to get acquainted with the capabilities of the NMEC and its components, which made it one of the most important tourist attractions and a destination for all personalities and guests who visit Egypt on various occasions and events.

At the end of the visit, the Indian Army Commander expressed his great admiration for the distinguished location of the museum and the archaeological treasures displayed in it from various historical periods, which show the splendor of Egyptian civilization and its history throughout the ages.

The Indian commander thanked the museum management for the good reception and good organization of the visit.

Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim gave the Indian commander the catalog of royal mummies as a souvenir from the museum.

Translated by Ahmed Moamar