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Mohamed Hamaki Gets Candid About Marriage

Sun 01 Jan 2023 | 03:40 PM
Yara Sameh

Veteran actress and TV presenter, Esaad Younis hosted Saturday evening Egyptian superstar Mohamed Hamaki on her program “Sahebat Al-Saada” broadcasted on “DMC” satellite Channel.

During his appearance, Hamaki addressed a number of artistic and personal topics, including the work that goes into his marriage.

Hamaki shared he and his wife Nahla Elhagary had split up for two years before reconciliation.

He disclosed that he hide the news from his fans at that time to prevent any transgressions against her.

Hamaki added that he could not move on with his life without her.

"We were separated for two years and no one knew or took notice. I was careful not to disclose anything to prevent any transgression. What happened was a stage of lack of understanding and unnecessary stubbornness, and we thought that the best solution was to separate," he pointed out.

Hamaki continued: "However, we discovered that this is not the solution. I stayed for two years, not wanting to meet or see anyone else, and I didn't know how to get over her".

"Many times at night I thought that she might get married and I got upset and annoyed, why was I doing this to myself?".

"Divorce can be beneficial many times, but we knew the value of each other and reconciled. I love her in every aspect. I love her with my mind and my feelings, and thank God we are back together" he added.