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Mohamed Abdo Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

Mon 06 May 2024 | 05:42 PM
Mohamed Abdo
Mohamed Abdo
Yara Sameh

Veteran Saudi singer Mohamed Abdo has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and is in the “early stages” of treatment in Paris.

In a message to the music channel Rotana, the 74-year-old singer said he was undergoing specialist treatment after he was diagnosed with cancer a while back.

“I am reassuring you that my health is good,” he said. “The side effects of radiation are much less than other processes and surgeries. I take a needle every three months. The initial tests are very good, praise be to God. The cancer enzyme decreased a lot,”.

Abdo added that in two days he would start the second course of treatment and asked his fans to pray for the treatment’s success and his healing.

News about the diagnosis broke out in a phone call between the acclaimed singer and the late poet Prince Badr bin Abdul Mohsen, who died at the age of 75 on Saturday.

In the touching call, Abdo said: “You are taking chemotherapy and I am taking chemotherapy now, my friend. God loves us, believe me.”

The announcement came as a shock for the social media users, who wished him a speedy recovery and good health.

Recently, Abou made headlines after news circulated online that claimed his retirement, stirring at a time when he suffered from a health problem.

Rotana even postponed his concerts and apologized to his fans in the Arab world. A source close to the Saudi singer shut down the rumor and affirmed that it was false news.

The source added: “The retirement of the Arab artist is unreasonable, and it will not happen as long as he is healthy and can sing. I believe that the news circulated due to the announcement about him suspending his activity.”

Abdo suffered a health problem weeks ago forcing him to cancel his gig in Bahrain, which was scheduled for April 19, and bring Abdo with Khaled Al-Sheikh.

Born on June 12, 1949, in Al Shuqaiq, Jazan, Abdo is renowned across the Middle East and Arab world and is known as the “Artist of the Arabs.”

He began his music career at the beginning of the 1960s. The singer has over 125 albums to his name, including the widely acclaimed ‘Abaad.’ His repertoire boasts more than 300 patriotic songs, all of which are a testament to his legacy and influence on Arabic music.