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Mayada El Hennawy's New Music Is Coming Soon

Thu 01 Feb 2024 | 10:33 AM
Mayada El Hennawy
Mayada El Hennawy
Yara Sameh

The first taste of Iconic Syrian singer, Mayada El Hennawy's new music has finally arrived.

On Wednesday, Rotana production shared on Instagram a sneak peek at the acclaimed singer's upcoming single "Ahabiny Kama Ana", composed by Talal.

The single is set to debut soon on YouTube, Spotify, and Anghami.

El Hennawy, was born on October 8, 1959, in a music-loving family, she was discovered by Egyptian composer musician and singer-songwriter Mohamed Abdel Wahab when at the age of 18, she was performing in Bloudan, Syria.

She lived a huge part of her life in Egypt where she collaborated with many famous Egyptian musical composers like Mohamed El Mougy and Mohamed Abdel Wahab, who created popular musicals of her songs.

Abdel Wahab named her "Moutribat el Jeel" (The Songstress of the Generation) and invited her to Egypt to write songs for her. Mayada's sister Faten was also a very promising singer as well.

Her biggest launch as a pan-Arab singer came with her collaboration with songwriter Baligh Hamdi in the 1980s. Her most famous songs include "Ana Ba'sha'ak", "El Hob illi Kan", "Ana A'mel Eh", "Sidi Ana", and "Indi Kalam". Riad El Sounbati also composed for El Hennawy.

In her earlier career, she also sang songs written by Mohammed Sultan, Hilmi Bakr, and Jamal Salameh, and in the 1990s, Sami El Hefnawi, Salah al Sharnoubi, Mohammed Sultan, Ammar El Sherei, Khaled Al-Amir.