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March 28 Marks Arab Music Day

Thu 28 Mar 2024 | 12:26 PM
Ahmed Emam

March 28 marks Arab Music Day, a day celebrated to commemorate the rich cultural and musical heritage of the Arab world that has been developed over centuries of mutual cultural interactions.

The significance of music in shaping the identity and heritage of Arab culture is highlighted through this day. It also sheds light on the historical eras that have had a profound impact on shaping Arab music, especially under the influence of Ottoman rule and European influence.

One of the most significant moments in the history of Arab music was the music conference held in 1932 under the guidance of King Fouad I. This conference was a turning point in the history of Arab music, and it represented a significant decision to introduce distinctive marks on Western musical scores to represent quarter tones.

This move played a major role in enhancing the accuracy and preservation of Arabic music notation. The conference was attended by musicians from Egypt, the Levant, Turkey and delegates from Europe. It was called for by the artist Mahmoud Ahmed El-Hafni, who completed his musical studies in Germany, under the patronage of the monarchy.

The conference aimed not only to celebrate Arab music but also to promote the preservation of the Arab musical and singing heritage. It emphasized the importance of reviving traditional music and exploring its ability to renew and maintain its vitality. Despite challenges, including a lack of infrastructure and slow adaptation to new developments in media, the conference emphasized the importance of reconciling originality and innovation.

The conference focused on the music of the Golden Ages and the Andalusian heritage while being open to modern musical techniques and styles. This resulted in the emergence of a new generation of Arab musicians who were inspired by the rich heritage of Arabic music. These efforts made it possible to provide a rich vision of the potential and influence of Arabic music.