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Legendary Moroccan Icon “Abdelkader Al Badawi” Passes away


On Friday, legendary Moroccan iconic Abdelkader Al Badawi passed away at the age of 88 years old after a long theatrical career surpassed 60 years.

The Arabic Authority for Theater mourned the death of Al Badawi at the Military Hospital in Rabat after suffering from medical complications.

In the same context, dozens of theater icons in the country such as Bachir Ouakine, and Latifa.

Born in 1934 in Tangier, he founded in Al Badawi Theater which created a real renaissance in the local theater and was a cornerstone for establishing several future artistic careers.

Some of his plays such as “Al Haribon,” “Al Hafla Fiha Wa Fiha,” “Byout Min Zogag,” “Shagret Al Aelah,” “Al Bakhil,” and “Al Masyada.”

He was one of the directors who met King Al Hassan II.

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