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Huawei Agrees To Develop 5G with Russia's MTS

Thu 06 Jun 2019 | 03:00 PM
Yassmine Elsayed

Defiant to US challenges, Huawei Technologies has signed an agreement with the Russian telecom company MTS to develop next-generation "5G" networks.

The deal was signed Wednesday in Moscow, as Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived for a state visit, and met his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

US has recently labelled Huawei  a security threat for alleged theft of intellectual property and evasion of Iran sanctions. This prompted challenging reply from Beijing which has been championing the world's biggest telecom gear provider.

MTS said in a statement that it plans to work with Huawei in developing 5G technologies.

In the same context, China's Commerce Ministry announced that it will release a list of "unreliable" foreign companies in the near future.

Earlier, China said that it would issue a list of foreign companies and inpiduals that it deems unreliable after the U.S. blacklisted Huawei Technologies . U.S. companies will have to seek approval for sales to Huawei once the list takes effect.. China hasn't said what action it might take against the entities included on its list.

Meanwhile, a senior executive for Chinese technology giant Huawei warned that the U.S. will be shooting itself in the foot if it were to shun Chinese technology.

AP quoted Mika Lauhde, Huawei's vice-president for cyber-security and privacy, saying that he hopes for a "positive resolution" of the standoff with the U.S. government and added that his company is not the "nucleus of the issue," pointing to the wider trade war between the U.S. and China.