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Art History Researcher: "Samlik Bismak Cardan” Is One of Most Beautiful Folk Art Ornaments

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Tue 24 Jan 2023 | 05:52 PM
Walid Farouk

A researcher called Shaza Yahia, who specialized in art history, cited the “Samlik Bismak Cardan” necklace as one of the most beautiful and distinctive folk art ornaments.

According to Yahya, Samlik Bismak Cardan (Cardan Featuring Fish) composes of groups of spherical beads attached with hollow fish welded compartments for holding the 'Hijab" to bring good luck.

"In most designs, you can see several small fish hang gracefully from matching large fish interspersed with inverted Islamic lucky crescents wrought in the 'Shafchi' method in addition to lightning circles engraved with letters and words," the art history researcher adde.

Yahia also believes that it derives its name from the fish and its smooth intricate components.

She revealed that the “Silmak Bismak” necklace was very popular in the early twentieth century, until the seventies, especially in the rural areas of Belbeis in Sharqi and Abu Nomros in Giza, noting that it was made of copper.

She pointed out that the fish symbolizes a good luck omen may be due to many accounts, including the Story of Prophet Yunus, who was swallowed by a whale, and ancient incidents from Egyptian religion when gods erected a deity of fish.

Contributed by Ahmed Emam