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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Farouk Hosny Art Awards 2023: Celebrated Day for Young Artists

Wed 08 Mar 2023 | 08:53 PM
Rana Atef

Since its foundation in 2019, the Farouk Hosny Foundation bridges veteran artists and culture figures and young promising, and enthusiastic artists. In addition, it opens the door for artists nationwide and in different fields, therefore, young artists in Egypt considered this day as their big day. Farouk Hosny Art Awards becomes not only a competition for encouraging promising artists in Egypt but also a platform for engaging different experiences and backgrounds. A day for Egyptian culture.

The passionate eyes, the energetic discussions, and the pride represented in each artwork are among the signs of the healthy, positive, and free environment that the foundation provided for the artists.

There is no doubt that Egyptian artists needed encouragement, to express their thoughts and voice them. In addition, after the successes of the three previous editions, artists feel that their efforts and talents are appreciated, so, artists from all parts of Egypt took the trip to Cairo, and registered for taking part in the competition.

On its side, the foundation highly appreciated this passion, and love of arts, and since the second edition, widened the horizons of the competition to five: painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, and art critique.

1056 from all over Egypt with 1850 artworks are set to compete in the various five branches of the awards: painting, sculpture, art critique, architecture, and photography.

The number of participants jumped by 41%, compared to the previous round, according to the statement released by Farouk Hosny Foundation for Culture and Arts.

This approves the mutual respect and trust between the foundation and the participants. One of the finalists of the painting competition told SEE News: “It is my first time participating in the competition, but a lot of my friends took this step in the previous edition. The team and the coordinators of the foundation treated us very well. There is a warm, and respectful attitude from the team who contacted us and received our artwork. It is really impressive.”

A mother of one of the finalists told SEE News: “We traveled from Alexandria to Cairo to attend the ceremony, and the presence of all these arts and culture figures in one place is deeply touching. My son is now at the exhibition with his sister and they are in a positive mood after exchanging chats with different artists and seeing the passion in the eyes of veteran artists towards their artworks.”

The Art ceremony saw huge participation of the participants’ supporters, family, and friends who toured the exhibition and met different art trends, and experiences. Also, the event became a destination for different arts students in Egypt, including Helwan University’s Faculty of Fine Arts, and Faculty of Art Education.

Moving to the Art Awards Ceremony, Dr. Neven El Killany, the Minister of Culture, and Farouk Hosny, the Founder and the Head of the Board of Trustees of the Farouk Hosny Foundation for Culture and Arts, opened the event.

Iconic Businessman Naguib Sawiris, world famed Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawass, veteran Thinker Mostafa El Feki, veteran Author Mohamed Salmawi, iconic Journalist and the Supervisor of Sada El Balad network Elham Abol Fateh attended the event, alongside the members of different competitions’ juries, and officials.

Hosny said in his speech: “I am happy because I am here with such great and talented young artists. Seeing the number of participants and artists increase is comforting to me, there is no need to worry about the future of arts in Egypt. Thank you all of you for supporting the event.” After that, he thanked the Ministry of Culture for supporting the event.

Next, he asserted that the process of evaluating the artworks is very fair as once the artworks are received, each one is labeled with a code without revealing the identity of the artist. This concept of fair evaluation and trust encourages the artists to be more confident while taking part in the competitions.

Shortly, a short documentary film about the fourth edition, the process of receiving the artworks, and the evaluation was screened before announcing the winners.

The first announced prize was the Art Critique

The winners were:

1st: Sara Ahmed Hassan,

2nd: Sarah Hamid Hamid

3rd: Vivian Amin Abdoh, Israa Abdel Hamid Daghim

Daghim told SEE News that her study was about the role of murals in reflecting the latest trends of arts, and how they portrayed the changes in their societies. She added that she decided to participate as part of her efforts as a Ph.D. student.

After that, the winners of the Architecture Awards were announced. This competition is special as it had different group and individual participation.

The winners were:

1st: the Group of Mohamed Ezzat Mohamed, and Mohamed Magdy Mohamed

2nd: the group of Taimour Mostafa, Abdel Rahman Amin, Mariam Abdullah Al Nasir, Nourhan Sameh Mahmoud

3rd: the group of Maiar Salah, and Somaia Magdy Mohamed

Honorary Certificates: Mahmoud Farouk Gabr, and Basim Ahmed Assim.

A member of the group of third-place winners talked to SEE News about their: “Lego City.” She said that the project’s design was inspired by the lego game, and it targets creating a healthy hub for qualifying people with determination and engaging them in society.

The exhibited projects presented innovative ideas for developing different areas in Egypt, for example, one of the winning projects tackled the concept of developing Al Fustat city, and reviving the arts of Arabesque. The project won first place.

The winners of the second prize presented a different project for creating a sharing economy hub in Fayum.

One of the group’s members told SEE News that they selected Fayum as it represents three main Egyptian elements: the Egyptian desert, the Egyptian water, and the Egyptian agricultural environment. They presented a platform for setting communication between different economies and enterprises in Egypt. The model also can be applied in different cities such as Alexandria. The project theme was “The Market of Ideas.”

Shortly, the winners of the Photography Award were announced. They were:

1st: Omar Amgad Hassan

2nd: Rahma Ibrahim Mohamed

3rd: Mahmoud Saad Fahmy

Honorary Certificates: George Komos Youssef, Islam Mahmoud Mohamed

After that came the Sculpture Award, and the winners were:

1st: Fatma Mohamed Khaled

2nd: Mohamed Ezzat Sayed

3rd: Yousstina Shehata

Shehata talked to SEE News about her work. She is deeply interested in anatomy, and she liked the similarities between the anatomic structures of different creatures and human beings. So, she presented an optical illusion by creating a statue that carries the body of an animal, but in fact, it is a woman.

She added that the work took more than one year to be ready.

Finally, the winners of the Painting Awards were announced. They were:

1st: Sally Gamal Abdel Latif

2nd: Aya Mohamed Ahmed

3rd: William Safwat Fahim.

Abdel Latif told SEE News that her artwork is called: “surrender.” It represented the moment when humans decided to surrender to their own world.

By the end of the event, the guests toured the exhibition and praised the efforts of the young artists.

It is worth mentioning that the Farouk Hosny Foundation for Culture and Arts will organize a number of seminars and meetings between the audience and the jury members and winners.