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3 Iconic Ramadan Songs of All Times

Sun 13 Mar 2022 | 02:14 PM
Ahmed Emam

As all Muslims eagerly await the Ramadan month once again, it is hard to deny how catchy and joyful some Ramadan music can be.

This holy month is the most wonderful time of the year. Muslims are completely inundated by Ramadan songs and remarkable stars' shows at every turn?

Whether you’re thinking about family visits, planning a holiday party, starting your shopping list, whipping up some juices, enjoying a fancy fast, or simply just looking to get into the Ramadan spirit, there’s just something about these songs that are guaranteed to have you feeling festive.

Sada El-Bald English (SEE) is picking up iconic songs, kids tracks, and classics from Egypt's favorite singers like Mikawy, Fouad El-Mohandes, and, of course, Sabah.

Below, are 3 of the best Ramadan songs you’ll be playing on repeatedly from now until June.

"Al Ragl Dah Haygny" by Fouad El-Mohandes and Sabab

It is one of the most famous Ramadan songs of all time; it proves the late remarkable star El-Mohandes was the King of Ramadan season.

Not only is it the ultimate anthem about what man really wants for the Ramadan fasting, but the song also jumpstarted the Ramadan sketches to fame.

The song which was composed by Mohammed Al-Mougui was used in the 'Al Ragl Dah Haygny,' (1967) movie during the dramatic kitchen scene where a fasting man criticized his wife's food, blaming her for not making him the food he want.

Aho Geh Ya Wlad by Funny Trio Band

Ramdan Gaana by Mohamed Abdelmotaleb