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WATCH: Egyptians Break Ramadan Fasts in Matariya

Mon 18 Apr 2022 | 08:40 PM
Ahmed Emam

On Sunday, the residents of the Matariya district organized a massive series of Ramadan Iftar meals in the Hamda neighborhood to build national solidarity.

They gathered around a street-long table and broke their Ramadan fast together in a mass of Iftar meal to observe the holy month of Ramadan.

They feel the true spirit of Ramadan on this day, as everyone plays a role in the preparation of meals, drinks, and tables.

Commenting on this event, Sada El-Bald TV anchor Ahmed Mousa cited this event as a massive Ramadan Iftar banquet and the biggest of its kind in Egypt that offers free fast-breaking meals for the needy and passers-by.

He also appreciated their assistance and efforts to help people in need and bring people together by offering food for free during Ramadan.

In a Twitter post,  Amr Hamdoun, an Egyptian citizen, described the event as the largest “mass” iftar in the world, adding, "In Egypt, Ramadan is celebrated in a more unique way than in any country across the world."

My neighborhood and its mosque Nour El Mohamdy have a vibrant history of celebrating the holy month in a special way, according to Dr. Mohamed El-Saghir.

Hamda neighborhood in Materiya, which was the site of a free Iftar this week for hundreds of Muslim people, welcomes the poor and those who are unable to reach their homes before Iftar, according to the event organizers. "Meals are paid for by Matariya residents and free to all those present."