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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Egypt Tops List of Countries Exporting Oranges, Frozen Strawberries for 3rd Year in Row

Tue 19 Mar 2024 | 10:30 PM
Taarek Refaat

The Egyptian Minister of Agriculture El Sayed Al-Quseir said that export aims to support the farmer, as It is a mechanism to market his surplus production in order to maintain the balance of prices and achieve an amount of return that ensures ensure sustainability.

"What is being exported is the surplus over the local need and the goods and products in which the Egyptian state has a competitive advantage, such as citrus fruits, strawberries, potatoes, and others," the minister added.

He pointed out that there is an unprecedented boom in agricultural exports, as the country succeeded in opening 93 markets during the ten years and exporting more than 400 agricultural commodities to 160 countries. Among the most important of these markets is the Japanese market, which we opened in 2020 for citrus fruits, and coordination is currently being made to open more Japanese markets to Egypt’s exports of grapes and pomegranates.

Al-Quseir added that the Brazilian market was recently opened to Egyptian potatoes, the El Salvador market to Egyptian tangerines, and new markets are being opened through communication through official contact points with other countries.

He pointing to the achievement of an unprecedented boom in the volume of fresh agricultural exports during the year 2023, reaching about 7.4 million tons, an increase of nearly 1 million tons over the year 2022, with a total value of $3.7 billion. In addition to the $5.1 billion value of manufactured agricultural exports.

He stressed that Egypt ranked first in the world in exports of oranges and frozen strawberries for the third year in a row.

The Minister of Agriculture said that Egyptian agricultural exports have witnessed significant development in the last ten years, from 4 million tons in 2014 to 7.44 tons in 2023.