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Donia Samir Ghanem to Patriciate in Ramadan 2023

Fri 09 Dec 2022 | 10:34 AM
Donia Samir Ghanem
Donia Samir Ghanem
Yara Sameh

Egyptian singer-actress, Donia Samir Ghanem is planning to participate in Ramadan 2023 drama marathon.

The untitled series consists of 15 episodes.

Ghanem was last seen in the play “Anistoona”. 

It also stars Bayoumi Fouad, Karim Afify, Samy Moghawry, Amr Abdel-Aziz, written by Karim Samy, and Ahmed Abdel-Wahab.

Khaled Galal directed the project from a script by Karim Sami and Ahmed Abdel Wahab.

The play is produced by Mohamed Ahmed El-Sobky and marks Ghanem's theatrical debut.

Ghanem was born on January 1, 1985, to an artistic family; she is the daughter of renowned actor Samir Ghanem and actress Dalal Abdulaziz; her sister, Amal— known as Emy— is also an actress.

The actress made her acting debut in 2001’s TV series “Leladala Wogouh Katheera” (Justice has many faces) and landed her first film role in 2005's “Ya Ana Ya Khalty”.

In 2010, Ghanem made her singing debut with the song “Farh el Sen”.

Other notable TV credits include “Leladala Wogouh Katheera” (2001), “El Kabeer Awy” (2010), “Lahfa”(2015), “Nelly and Sherihan” (2016), “In Lala Land” (2017), and “Badal El Hadouta 3” (2019).

Her Film credits include "El Farah" (2009), “Teer Enta” (2009), “Ezbet Adam” (2009), “La Taragoa Wala Esteslam” (2010), “X-Large” (2011), “365 Days of Happiness”(2011), and “Laf W Dawaran” (2016).