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CAPMAS: 9.76% Increase in Proportion of Households Using mobileInternet

Tue 06 Feb 2024 | 02:53 PM
Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics
Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics
Mohamed Mandour

Central Agency for public mobilization and statistics issued a press release on the occasion of the safer Internet day. As the world celebrate that day during February annually which is sponsored by the Insafe network as one of the European Union projectinitiatives, almost 190 countries and territories around the world started celebrating since 2005 which aims to encourage respectful networking and safer usage for Internet and mobiles phones, especially after the Internet has become of great importance in all aspects of life. 

This year's slogan is “Together for a better Internet. "So we have to know that the current trend around the world is to improve all elements of internet service which includes service infrastructure or developing websites using the best methods of displaying to the users, as internet became the main source of accessing news or information in alllife’s aspects.

Most important Indicators are as follows: 

Total number of subscribers in mobile internet reached 75.80 million at November 2023 versus 69.06 millionat November 2022 with increasing percentage 9.76%. suchincrease is due to mobile services high availability.

Total number of active subscribers in broadband Internet reached 10.70 million at November 2023 versus 10.94 million at November 2022 for subscribers overall with decreasing percentage 2.19%. suchdecreaseis due to change in the method of calculation from general subscribers to active subscribers.