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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Cairo Opera House Commemorates Mohamed Abdel Wahab's 30th Death Anniv.

Fri 05 May 2023 | 11:15 AM
Ahmed Emam

A live concert in commemoration of the 31st death anniversary of the legendary musician and singer Mohamed Abdel Wahab will be held on Sunday night at the Cairo Opera House.

Under the direction of Maestro Hazem Al-kasabgi, a group of younger singers will perform a selection of Abdel Wahab's remarkable songs and iconic pieces, reminding people of the legacy and spirit of the late singers.

The concerts include pieces like 'Inta Omari', 'La Takzbi', 'Hakim Oyon', Du'a Al-Sharq', and 'Ya Wabour Aoli'.

Born in Bab El-Sherya district, Cairo, he made his artistic career as a young singer in Fwazy Al Gazirly’s music band and began composing his own style of Egyptian film musical after visiting Paris and familiarizing himself with French musical film.

Throughout his long-standing career, the late musician featured in many films and composed more than 1820 songs.

Abdel Wahab, who is seen as the most renowned name in the history of Egyptian Music, joined Egypt's Radio upon its inception in 1934, and was one of the first artists to join the station.

At that time, the talented artist participated in several films, however, he decided to devote herself to singing completely.

The remarkable star was honored by many political and social leaders including, Gamal Abd-El-Naser and Anwar Al-Sadaat.

All Egyptians knew about his talent as a singer as well as a composer. At all times, he was highly appreciated by the people. He received numerous awards for his artistic achievements.

He played the leading role in his only seven movies: The White Rose (1933), ‘Doumou’ El Hub’ (Love’s Tears) (1936), ‘Yahya El Hub’ (Long Live Love) (1938), ‘Yawm Sa’id‘ (Happy Day) (1939), ‘Mamnou’a El Hub’ (Love Is Forbidden) (1942), ‘Rossassa Fel Qalb‘ (A Bullet in the Heart) (1944), ‘Lastu Mallakan’ (I’m No Angel) (1947) and ‘Ghazal Al Banat’ (The Flirtation of Girls) (1949).

Then, he stepped away from acting to focus on singing and composing, collaborating often with the legendary singer Umm Kulthum.

In 1991, Abdel Wahab, who had tied the knot three times, died in his hometown Cairo, Egypt due to a stroke