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Cairo Book Fair 2024 hosts Head of the Quran Radio Network

Tue 30 Jan 2024 | 05:37 PM
Cairo Book Fair 2024 hosts Head of the Quran Radio Network
Cairo Book Fair 2024 hosts Head of the Quran Radio Network
Mohamed Mandour

The eighth seminar at the Cairo International Book Fair, hosted by the Muslim Council of Elders' pavilion, was titled "Inscriptions on Stone: Biography and Journey" featuring Dr. Reda Abdelsalam, Head of the Quran Radio Network, and moderated by Mahmoud Abdulrahman.

The seminar delved into the captivating biography and journey of radio personality Reda Abdelsalam, explored through his book "Inscriptions on Stone." The discussion centered around the extraordinary life journey of an individual born without arms. Dr. Reda Abdelsalam shared profound insights into his life, detailing the challenges he faced and the triumphs he experienced on his path to becoming a respected figure in radio, despite being born without arms.

Throughout the seminar, Dr. Abdelsalam expressed the internal hesitations he grappled with when contemplating writing about his life. It wasn't because his story wasn't worth telling; rather, it stemmed from self-criticism and an unyielding pursuit of personal goals. He also highlighted that his unique journey, as narrated in the book, reflects a distinctive human experience shaped by nature, circumstances, individuals, and the situations that God willed for his life.

Acknowledging the profound influence of his father, Dr. Reda Abdelsalam emphasized the significant role his father played in instilling a resilient mindset to confront life's challenges. His father taught him that, like everyone else, he neither excels nor falls short, underlining the importance of extracting the immense capabilities that Allah had granted him. Dr. Abdelsalam encouraged individuals with disabilities to seek Allah's mercy actively and to proactively search for solutions to their challenges, urging them never to surrender in the face of difficulties.