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Best Places to Visit in Cairo 2023

Fri 26 May 2023 | 01:37 PM
Ahmed Emam

Egypt, which is cited as the cradle of civilization, has many historic venues and amazing modern attractions that will indeed leave you speechless with wonder.

Cairo is one of those popular tourist attractions. It has two distinct main districts: the New Cairo and the Ancient Khepal and Fatimid Cairo. New Cairo is the perfect place to do some shopping and enjoy the warm weather at the city’s open-air exhibitions and cafes.

For a more historical vibe, the Ancient Cairo city is packed with typical and heritage Egypt's 'souks' (markets) such as Friday Market, El-Emam Market, and others.

These old-fashioned markets are also cited as a great place to explore, find some amazing bargains and also figure the handmade treasures out.

Oh, make sure to visit historical El-Moez Street that is at once archaeological treasures and marvels of Islamic engineering, and explore some of the ancient Mamluks and Fatimid ruins. It’s stunning.

This walled imperial city was Fatimid’s empire capital in the 17th century when the country was ruled by Sultan Moulay.

Sultan Al-Hussain

Sultan Al-Hussain Mosque is still in place as one of the great attractions in the city today. It’s also a great base for visiting the ruins of Fatimids and Abbasids, a fascinating and partly excavated Islamic/ Arabic city consider the capital of Egypt at that time.

While, the vibe of New Cairo is quite laid back in comparison to Fatimid Cairo and Khepal one, so it’s a good option if you’re looking for a more relaxed Egyptian city break. Many of the city's landmarks, residential compounds, and parks are known around the country.

Visiting Cairo city is actually fascinating; it’s vibrant, colorful, historic, and totally amazing to visit.

Khan El-Khalili

Khan El-Khalili is one of the largest street markets and iconic bazaars in the two spheres, where thousands of tourists and Arab visitors stream through the colorful 800-year-old market daily.

In Cairo's iconic bazaar, there are hundreds of shops and stalls selling handcrafted accessories, carpets, spices, souvenirs, leather goods, antiques, and jewelry.

If you’re willing to get excited, stroll down in its back alleys of the Bazaar and you might be pleasantly rewarded with most of Egypt's authentic grab.

Hanging Church

Located in the Ancient Egypt, the Hanging Church complex may not be the oldest in Egypt, but it is still very old, and probably the best known in the Middle East and African content.

It’s remarkable because of the way in which the church was constructed. The iconic church is constructed using logs of palm and layers of stone, its ceiling a replica of Noah’s Ark.

The Hanging Church is considered one of Egypt’s most unique feats of architecture—a mix of fresco and finesse—saturated with religious sanctuaries.

It’s worth mentioning that the church is open to tourists and the public.

El-Aqmar Mosque

El-Aqmar Mosque or ''Gray mosque'' dates back to the Fatimid era. It was built in 1125 during the caliphate of ''El-Amir Ahkami''.

The mosque is known for its façade which is elaborately decorated with inscriptions and geometric carving. This is the first mosque in Cairo to have such a decoration. Also, it's the first to have a façade that follows the line of the iconic street.

El-Aqmar Mosque was restored in the nineteenth century during the reign of Muhammad 'Ali by Amir Sulayman Agha al-Silahdar, who built the mosque across the street.