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Amr Mostafa Uses AI to Create Collaboration with Umm Kulthum

Thu 18 May 2023 | 03:16 PM
Yara Sameh

Egyptian singer and composer Amr Mostafa used artificial intelligence software to replicate the singing icon Umm Kulthum's vocal in a new song.

Mostafa shared Wednesday on Facebook a sneak peek of the track, which is set to be released in the coming period.

In artificial intelligence, neural networks are systems that are similar to the human brain in the way they learn and process information. They enable AIs to learn from experience, as a person would. This is called deep learning.

AI has presented many promising benefits such as health care and the elimination of mundane tasks.

AI models can identify the different components of a music piece, including melody, lyrics, and rhythm, and then analyze these components to improve the overall sound quality. 

More AI-generated content has gone viral on platforms like TikTok throughout the past few months. Fans have been taking already existing songs and using AI software to make them sound like another artist is singing them, with the voices of some of the most recognizable artists like Ariana Grande, and Billie Eilish being replicated. 

Last month, the music generator site made headlines for its ability to create AI Drake songs. The viral platform ran for a short period and no longer exists, likely due to the legal issues attached to using the singer's image without their consent. Some artists have already expressed their disapproval of the technology, though the conversations and debates are still developing.