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Amr Diab Drops New Single "Ma Tegy Nfok"

Fri 30 Dec 2022 | 01:00 PM
Amr Diab
Amr Diab
Yara Sameh

“El Hadaba” Amr Diab dropped Thursday his new song “Ma Tegi Nfok” on Anghami.

It is by the lyrics of Ayman Bahgat Kamar and composed by Mohamed Yehia.

"Ma Tegi Nfok" is created by Mohamed Yehia.

Diab, born on October 11, 1961, is a multi-award-winning pop singer-songwriter.

He created his own style which is often termed “Mediterranean Music”, a blend of Western and Egyptian rhythms, by 1992, he became the first Arabic artist to start making high-tech music videos.

Diab is a Guinness World Record holder, the best-selling Middle Eastern artist, a seven-time winner of World Music Awards, and a five-time winner of Platinum Records.