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First in Years...Amal Maher to Perform in El-Alamein on July 29

Sat 23 Jul 2022 | 03:28 PM
Omnia Ahmed

Egyptian singer Amal Maher is set to perform live in Al-Alamein on Friday, July 29, after years of hiatus.

The concert, organized by the “Tazkarti” company, marks the singer's long-awaited comeback following the end of her health crisis.

Maher recently reassured fans she is safe and sound amid claims about her disappearance, revealing that she was unable to appear in the past period because she had contracted the coronavirus three times.

In June 2021, the superstar announced that she was quitting music due to personal circumstances. Later on, she opened up about her retirement decision, indicating that she went through a bad psychological state following the death of her aunt, who was close to her heart.

Moreover, the singer affirmed that breaking off her engagement had affected her and led to her decision.