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A seminar at the Cairo Book Fair about "Meanings of Reform in the Quran"

Tue 30 Jan 2024 | 12:06 AM
A seminar at the Cairo Book Fair
A seminar at the Cairo Book Fair
Mohamed Mandour

The pavilion of the Muslim Council of Elders at the Cairo International Book Fair 2024 hosted its sixth seminar, titled "Meanings of Reform in the Quran." The seminar featured Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Malek, Vice President of Al-Azhar University for the Southern Sector, and was moderated by Dr. Saad Al-Mat'ani.

Dr. Abdel-Malek stated during the seminar that the purpose of Allah's religion is to reform people in their beliefs, worship, ethics, interactions, and all aspects of their lives. He emphasized that in our religion and in the Quran, there are ways to reform people until the Day of Judgment, and reform is not limited to one aspect but extends to all fields.

The Vice President of Al-Azhar University highlighted the importance of individuals being righteous within themselves first, and then becoming agents of reform for others. If a person is righteous within themselves and possesses the tools that qualify them for reform, they will find receptive ears and desired results from others. He pointed out that anything beneficial to people is a form of reform.

Abdel-Malek pointed to some aspects of reform in the Quran, such as justice and benevolence. The Quran commands justice in all matters, even with those who oppose or dislike. He noted that beyond justice is benevolence, a comprehensive term for all meanings of goodness, encompassing benevolence towards both Muslims and non-Muslims.