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Glimpse at Two of MENA's Greenest Cities

Fri 02 Dec 2022 | 04:01 PM
Ahmed Emam

Egypt is becoming increasingly eco-conscious in its public policy and residents and travelers responding.  For those of you who are ready to go green, check out these two green tourist city in Egypt.

Mansoura city

Egypt has launched various environmentally-friendly projects that comply with its National Climate Change Strategy 2050, which was introduced in COP26 in Glasgow, including reducing emissions in various sectors.

The new Mansoura city is among a group of environmentally-friendly cities that the government started to build across Egypt.

The new Mansoura city featured various facilities and services, including governmental areas, markets, places of worship, cultural and entertainment areas, special areas for restaurants, and central parks with a coastal view of the Mediterranean Sea stretching 15 km.

Sharm el-Sheikh

In November, South Sinai Governor Khaled Fouda, stated that Sharm el-Sheikh has now become the first environmentally friendly city in the Middle East. He also noted that 31 projects have been implemented to transform Sharm el-Sheikh into the first green tourist city.

It has erened their green credential with host of policies tapping into renewable energy- wind, and solar energy genratoers. 

The city also has different programs to fight plastic waste. Resorts and residents are encouraged to limit their use of plastic bags and to shift to more environment-friendly alternatives while an army of volunteers working against of the clock  to remove plastic waste from the sea floor.