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Users of Social Networking Sites Sympathize with Young Ill-starred Brazilian Young Man

Wed 11 Jan 2023 | 02:20 PM
Ahmed Moamar & Amir Haggag

A Brazilian young man started working in a tire-changing workshop, and the first thing he did was pull a heavy iron bar intended to support the wall of the door of the workshop and fix it as usual.

But something happened that no one expected at all, as the bar slid hard to hit the business owner who was sitting behind him, and caused him an injury due to the heavy weight

Not only that, but the employer was injured again. After the worker removed the iron bar and fixed it again to the door, it slipped again and hit the employer's head and neck, with a much more violent blow than the previous one.

The video spread among millions of social media pioneers, as it was captured by a surveillance camera that was installed in the workshop

Translated by Ahmed Moamar