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Watch... Dorra’s natural beauty will blow your mind in latest photo session

Sun 08 Apr 2018 | 09:13 AM

Well-known actress، Dorra Zarrouk took to her Instagram account to post her latest photo session، taken by professional photographer، Abdallah Sabry.

Dorra appeared with two stunning but different looks، with simple make-up and hairstyle.

In the session، in her first look، Dorra wore a cotton sweater and a sweat pants، while with her second look، she wore a jacket and pants.

The 38-year-old actress revealed that the session was taken for Vogue Arabia latest issue.

The session gained the admiration of her fans across the social network.

On March 22، Middle East Fashion Festival honored Zarrouk to honor her in its first edition، for her notable and outstanding fashion sense، and which attracted attention during the last period.

On the other hand، she is currently filling TV series "Nesr e-saeed" (Uper Egypt's Eagle) co-starring Mohamed Ramadan، which is set for premiere during the holy month of Ramadan.

Dorra's latest work is 2018's TV-series "El Sharaa ely Wrana" (The street behind us)، which is currently premiering on CBC drama.

"El Sharaa ely Wrana" co-starring Dorra، Lebleba، Farouk El Feshawi، Ahmed Hatem، Nesreen Amin، Noha Abdin، Hind Abdul Halim، Ingi Abou Zeid، Hanen Yasser Sharawy، and directed by Magdy Al-Hawwary.

The plot revolves around a young woman who was in a psychiatric hospital before running away from it. Who dreams during sleep، with being in an old، spooky house، and despite being frightened of it، she still feels a connection to it.

-Dorra Zarrouk in-depth-

Dorra Zarrouk، mostly known as Dorra is a Tunisian actress. She earned her degree in political science in Tunis.

Dorra made her way into the acting arena by joining a theater group. Her first performance was in a play titled “Magnoun” which was directed by Tawfiq Al Gibally.

Thereafter Dorra assumed several roles in Tunisian cinema in addition to working on international works such as “Collosseum” which was directed by the English director Telman Reem in 2003. In that production Dorra portrayed the role of the Emperor’s consort.

She also took part in another foreign work titled “Louisa’s Journey” which was directed by French director Patrick Foulsan in 2005. Dorra assumed the role of a woman named “A’isha” in that work.

As of 2007، Dorra has started participating in Egyptian cinematic works.