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White House: There Are No Legal Ways to Deprive Russia of Permanent Membership in UN Security Council

Fri 31 Mar 2023 | 06:04 PM
Ahmed Moamar

White House Press Secretary Karen Jean-Pierre said that the US administration does not see any possible international legal ways to deny Russia permanent membership in the UN Security Council.

"Unfortunately, Russia is a permanent member of the United Nations (UN) Security Council, and there are no real international legal ways to change this situation, this is what we live with at the moment," Jean-Pierre said in response to a question related to Russia's upcoming presidency of the Security Council next April.

And the White House spokeswoman continued: “As unpleasant news as it is to see Russia presiding over the Security Council, the reality is that this is a largely symbolic position that is delivered month after month to the members of the Security Council in alphabetical order, and that is what we will witness in April. And it will. The United States will chair the Security Council in August 2023.

The United Nations Security Council consists of 15 members, five of whom are permanent (China, France, Russia, Britain, and the United States), and each member holds the presidency of the Council in rotation for one month, according to the English alphabetical order.

Russia assumes the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council, starting tomorrow, Saturday, to succeed Mozambique.