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Video: Fire Destroys 30 Buses in Italy

Thu 07 Oct 2021 | 01:58 PM
Ahmed Emam

On Tuesday, nearly 30 buses belonging to Rome municipal transport company ATAC caught fire at a bus depot in Italy.

In response to this disaster, rescue teams have been deployed to these regions to rescue victims from the massive fire which broke out before dawn at the bus depot on Via Prenestina.

In a statement, ATAC said that the fire involved "20 older vehicles, with varying degrees of damage" and that nobody was injured in the blaze.

Firefighters, who arrived on the scene at 04.15, said that they contained the fire of "around 30" burning buses, tweeting three hours later that the flames had been completely extinguished.

Lately, the Italian prosecutor has ordered an urgent investigation to ascertain the cause of the accident.

Watch the video below: