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US Sends $1.2 Bln to Israel for Iron Dome System

Mon 06 May 2024 | 07:09 PM
Israa Farhan

Amid Israel's ongoing offensive in Gaza, the United States Congress recently approved a military aid package of $15 billion to Israel, including $1.2 billion for a futuristic laser weapon system called the "Iron Beam," designed for air defense.

The American publication "Responsible Statecraft," affiliated with the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, reported today that the Iron Beam system is expected to revolutionize Israel's defense capabilities, escalating the ongoing crisis in Gaza and the already escalating tensions in the Middle East, while opening the door to the normalization of laser use in warfare, with intensified efforts towards directed energy weapons.

The US is interested in purchasing the Iron Beam and associated technologies to achieve its own objectives and potentially facilitate the proliferation of more nuclear power stations in the future.

The Iron Beam system is likely to replace the Israeli "Iron Dome" missile defense system, operating as a directed energy system to neutralize or intercept incoming projectiles using laser fibers.

While Israel claims that the Iron Dome system eliminates 90% of incoming threats, its weakness lies in its high costs, with each intercepting missile costing around $50,000.

In contrast, the Iron Beam system could achieve similar results without the expense of costly missiles, relying solely on electricity to produce laser beams that have destroyed tanks, missiles, drones, and other targets in tests.

However, the publication also noted that adverse weather conditions would weaken the system's effectiveness, meaning it might be best used alongside the comprehensive Iron Dome air defense system.

The military aid to Israel accelerates the spread of directed energy weapons, with the pending deployment of the Iron Beam system, reportedly accelerated by the manufacturer of advanced defense systems, Rafael, posing increasing risks in Israel's ongoing destruction campaign in Gaza.

Although the Iron Beam system was designed for defensive purposes, Israel could repurpose its laser beams for offensive use. In fact,

Israel has previously employed experimental and controversial weapon systems in Gaza, such as the new "Angel" and "Lavender" systems, which utilize artificial intelligence for military targeting.

Ultimately, American military aid to Israel serves to intensify Israel's campaign against the Palestinian people, exacerbating possibilities of larger conflicts in the region.