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UNICEF Spokesperson Hails Egypt's Pivotal Role in Delivering Aid to Gaza

Fri 08 Dec 2023 | 01:06 PM
Ahmed Emam

UNICEF Spokesperson James Elder commended the Egyptian Government for its ongoing efforts to provide humanitarian aid to the children in Gaza who are in desperate need.

Elder, who has recently returned from a two-week stay in Gaza, reported in a video message that Palestinians are pushing into the southern region amid Israel's ongoing bombing campaign. He also mentioned that the areas that are deemed safe for evacuation lack crucial supplies such as food, water, medicine, shelter, and sanitation.

"We continue to get life-saving aid to those who need it. Obviously, we will only be able to get the amount of these children need with the ceasefire. But until this moment and until sense prevails, we will with your generous support and we are very grateful to the governments and our partners," Elder stressed.

"A big shout out to the government of Egypt for providing so much support. We will continue to be on the frontlines for these children and much of that is due to your support," he added.

Earlier, Elder explained the difficulty of the situation that health facilities and staff are facing in Gaza, especially with regard to the treatment of children, as he said that treating children with injuries from burns to broken bones is becoming increasingly difficult.