Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

UNICEF: Nowhere’s Safe, Hospitals Are a Warzone in Gaza

Wed 06 Dec 2023 | 10:50 AM
Ahmed Emam

UNICEF spokesperson James Elder condemned the Israeli attack near a crowded hospital in Gaza, labeling it as a ‘war on children’.

“Nowhere’s safe and hospitals are a warzone,” Elder said in a video he posted on X from al-Nasr Hospital, the biggest still functioning hospital in Gaza.

In this regard, the UNICEF spokesperson criticized the international community's impotence, saying the "inaction by those with influence is allowing the killing of children."

He also emphasized that these children, many with serious injuries, are in a war zone, highlighting the severe strain on the health system in Gaza.

Elder further explained the difficulty of the situation that health facilities and staff are facing in Gaza, especially with regard to the treatment of children, as he said that treating children with injuries from burns to broken bones is becoming increasingly difficult.

Elder said an Israeli airstrike landed close to 50 meters away from the biggest still-functioning hospital in Gaza, as a further testament to "Israel's" targeting of Gaza's civilian infrastructure.

"This hospital simply cannot take more children with the wounds of war, there are children everywhere. These children are sleeping, there was a bomb literally 50 meters from here."