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UN Says No Aid Has Entered Gaza

Thu 09 May 2024 | 03:08 PM
Rafah Crossing border
Rafah Crossing border
Ahmed Emam

The Israeli military announced on Wednesday that it has reopened the Kerem Shalom crossing into Gaza after multiple days of closure. However, the United Nations reported that no humanitarian aid has entered yet because there are no workers on the Palestinian side to receive it, as they fled during Israel's recent military operation in the area.

The Kerem Shalom crossing between Gaza and Israel was shut down over the weekend following a Hamas rocket attack that killed four Israeli soldiers nearby. Then on Tuesday, an Israeli tank brigade seized control of the nearby Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt, forcing its closure as well. These two crossings are the main entry points for vital food, medicine and other essential supplies for Gaza's 2.3 million Palestinian residents.

The Israeli incursion did not seem to mark the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Rafah that Israel has repeatedly threatened. However, aid officials warn that the prolonged shutdown of both crossings could lead to the collapse of aid operations, further worsening the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The UN says a "full-blown famine" is already underway in northern Gaza.