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UN Says It Has No More Food or Tents for Nearly 2M People in Gaza

Thu 16 May 2024 | 11:02 AM
Ahmed Emam

The United Nations is facing a critical shortage of tents and food to provide assistance to nearly 2 million individuals in Gaza. The majority of these people have been displaced from their homes and rely on aid to prevent an imminent famine.

Speaking to media, UN officials said that their warehouses in the southern region of Gaza are now completely empty.

Georgios Petropoulos, head of the Gaza sub-office of UN office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs, said: “There are no tents in humanitarian warehouses. There are also no stocks of food left with World Food Program or the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) south of the river. What people have had distributed to them, or what remains on the market, is all that’s left, and we expect that that will be finished soon.”

He added: “Time is running out to get a sustainable crossing open for predictable humanitarian supplies into southern Gaza.”

In Al-Mawasi, near the border with Egypt in Rafah, tents have been erected by displaced Palestinians. The dire situation in Gaza's camps continues to worsen, with a lack of access to water, food, healthcare, and even basic sanitation facilities.

Ever since the commencement of the war, the WFP and UNRWA have been providing essential necessities to a significant portion of Gaza's inhabitants for their survival. Nevertheless, the delivery of these supplies has relied heavily on a consistent stream of trucks primarily passing through Gaza's Rafah crossing with Egypt and the adjacent entry point from Israel, known as Kerem Shalom.