Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

UN Report Warns about Negative Environmental Effects of Gaza War

Wed 27 Mar 2024 | 03:18 PM
Ahmed Emam

A report recently issued by the United Nations has warned about the negative environmental effects of the war that happened in Gaza. 

According to the recent UN report, nearly one-third of the buildings in the area have either been damaged or destroyed. This has raised global concerns regarding the environmental and humanitarian fallout of the destruction.

Data provided by the United Nations Satellite Center indicates that roughly 35% of the infrastructure in the Gaza Strip has been severely damaged or completely destroyed. The most concentrated destruction is in the Gaza and Khan Yunis governorates. This destruction has grave environmental, economic, and social impacts on the region.

Besides physical destruction, the calamity has resulted in environmental contamination due to debris and hazardous materials released from damaged buildings. The loss of biodiversity and ecosystems surrounding the affected areas has also escalated. As the pollution and biodiversity loss worsen, local communities encounter new challenges regarding their health and environmental safety.

The report warns that the continuation of this situation may lead to environmental degradation and exacerbate the humanitarian crisis in the region. It also emphasizes the need for international intervention to help rebuild the region sustainably and protect the environment from further damage.

The report also urges the international community to take swift action to provide the necessary support to the sector, including assistance in safely cleaning and removing debris and providing the technology and resources required to rebuild infrastructure sustainably.