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Turkey, Russia to Cooperate in Fighting Against Terrorism

Sat 23 Mar 2024 | 10:44 PM
Israa Farhan

Turkey has declared its readiness to cooperate with Russia in the fight against terrorism, following Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's condemnation of the terrorist attack on the "Krokus City" complex near Moscow.

According to a statement from the Turkish presidency, Erdogan expressed his deep sorrow and condolences to Russian President Vladimir Putin during a phone call.

The statement emphasized Erdogan's strong condemnation of the heinous terrorist attack, which resulted in the loss of innocent lives, and his expression of sympathy to the Russian people.

Erdogan highlighted the urgent need for a peaceful resolution to regional crises and reiterated Turkey's readiness to enhance cooperation with Russia in combating terrorism.

The Russian Federal Security Service announced the terrorist attack on the "Krokus City" shopping center in the suburbs of Moscow, which claimed the lives of 115 people and injured over 100.

According to the Kremlin's press service, the head of the Federal Security Service, Alexander Bortnikov, informed President Putin about the arrest of 11 individuals involved in the attack, including four terrorists who directly participated in the act. The press service noted that four terrorists were arrested in the Bryansk region within hours of each other.