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Tunisian Singer Faïza Mahrsi Passes Away

Fri 09 Dec 2022 | 06:11 AM
Taarek Refaat

Tunisian Singer Faïza Mahrsi passed away after after a struggle with illness since the summer, which resulted in her admission to the military hospital in Tunis. 

The sad news had been announced, a little earlier, by her friend actress Hanan Al-Shaqrani, who confirmed the news during a call-in with the “Banna FM”.

The Ministry of Cultural Affairs has just announced late in the evening on Thursday the death of the artist and singer.

The ministry stated that the late artist is considered one of the most prominent and beautiful voices that presented the traditional song in a unique style and a different vision, and among her most prominent songs are “Ya Laytani”, “Ya Al-Ain Delieh”, “Mayensakum”, “Ghalata” and other songs.

Mahressi had previously explained to "Mosaique FM" that she has gone through a very difficult experience, but latter she felt better and that she would overcome the crisis thanks to the spiritual and moral support that she had received from Tunisia, and elsewhere.

She indicated that she fell into a coma due to a misdiagnosis and medications prescribed to her after a fall, during which she was injured in the back.