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Tropical Cyclone Shaheen: Precautionary Measures in UAE, Oman

Sun 03 Oct 2021 | 06:52 PM
Basant ahmed

Oman suspended flights to and from Muscat airport, due to Tropical Cyclone Shaheen which could cause landslides in some areas of the country.

The UAE government has pledged to control the damage caused by the cyclone in the affected emirates.

Some streets of the Omani capital were submerged in water due to heavy rain.

Omani authorities ordered the evacuation of areas that are at as the tropical hit the country's northern coast on Saturday, and asked the residents of those areas to go to the shelters provided by the state.

Noteworthy, Cyclone Shaheen left dozens of injured people and caused material losses in Iran as it hit the coast of the country on Saturday, according to the Iranian Fars News Agency.