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Today Marks Ibrahim Nasr Birth Anniv.

Sun 12 May 2024 | 11:37 AM
Ahmed Emam

Today marks the 75th death anniversary of Ibrahim Nasr, a renowned Egyptian comedian and actor famous for his character roles in Egyptian films. 

He started his acting career from children's shows and eventually transitioned into the Egyptian drama and cinema.

Nasr was born in Cairo's Shubra district in 1946 to a Christian family from upper Egypt. Nasr developed an interest in theater while in school and made his public acting debut at a school concert. 

He later enrolled in Cairo University's Faculty of English literature in the late 1960s and joined the university theatre, where he performed in numerous dramatic, classical, and romantic plays. 

In the 1970s, Nasr made his acting debut on television in 'Hakiat Liha Alagab'. During that period, he met Adel Emam and Samir Ghanem, both big names in the comedy world. Soon, he started getting recognized and bigger roles came his way. Although he became famous as a comedian in films, he was more well known as a villain in a number of TV series. Despite his reputation for portraying comic characters, Nasr did not shy away from villain, dramatic, and psychological roles.

He hosted the TV show Candid Camera, in which he impersonated a female character named 'Zakeya Zakaria', and his breakthrough came with this role. Nasr is also well-known for some of his seminal works on TV, such as Mr. Karate (1993) directed by Mohamed Khan, 'Zakeya Zakaria' (2003), and 'Shams El-Zanaty' (1991) directed by Samir Seif, where he acted alongside Emam and Sawsan Badr.

After a long hiatus, Nasr returned to cinema film acting with a small role as a funny old man in X Large (2011), a film directed by Sherif Arafa and starring Ahmed Helmy, and The Cave (2018). Later that year, he appeared in numerous television series including Foq El-Sahab (2018).