Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Sisi Inaugurates 3rd Phase of Bashayer Al-Khair Housing Project in Alexandria

Mon 05 Dec 2022 | 12:19 PM

On Monday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi witnessed the inauguration of the third stage of the "Bashayer El Khair" housing project in the Gheit El Anab district of Alexandria.

During the inauguration ceremony, Assistant Chairman of the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces Ahmed el Azazi said that all stages of Bashayer El Khair projects targeted establishing 1,500 residential buildings with 80,000 housing units to accommodate up to 400,000 people in addition to commercial facilities built on 650,000 square meters.

Azazi said that in March 2015 work started in Bashayer El Khair 1 project in Alexandria’s Gheit El Enab district, which he said has become a model to follow in the field of developing slum areas. Then work started in Bashayer El Khair 2 in December 2018, he noted

Bashayer El Khair 3 project in the Al Qabbari area is a unique example of social solidarity that tells a remarkable story about the successful cooperation among the state bodies and institutions and dedicated businessmen, he added.

Bashayer El Khair 3 was established on an area of 105 feddans housing 200 buildings with 10,624 fully-furnished residential units to secure decent life to about 50,000 citizens, he underlined.

The project offers many direct and indirect jobs and investment opportunities for the residents of Alexandria because it houses 36 shopping malls with about 936 shops, he said.

Earlier today, President Sisi inaugurated the Al-Taameer axis road in Alexandria, which extends 35 km from its intersection with the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road to Sidi Kerir Road/Burj Al-Arab Airport, with 9 traffic lanes in each direction.

Presidential spokesman stated that the Al-Tameer axis is an addition and a huge qualitative leap that would open new development horizons for the entire western region of Alexandria governorate and increase its urban space.

Furthermore, he added that the new axis will link the Dekheila port to the desert road, the international coastal road, and Burj Al Arab city.

Moreover, the Presidential spokesman added that the Al-Tameer axis comes as an additional new step in the implementation of the state's strategy in establishing a network of roads and axes throughout the republic.

"Those axes, which are no longer limited to facilitating traffic and the movement of citizens, have become new lifelines that support the efforts of organized urban expansion and modern residential complexes, enhance economic and commercial returns, provide job opportunities, and link national projects to integrate with each other," Rady added.

"They reflect a comprehensive development vision and a profound scientific philosophy towards construction, reconstruction and development," he continued.