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Shaden Galal, Nahla Khaled Crowned Miss & Mrs Egypt 2023

Mon 04 Sep 2023 | 12:15 AM
Taarek Refaat

Shaden Galal and Nahla Khaled were crowned as “Miss & Mrs Egypt” 2023, after a strong competition that lasted more than four months among dozens of participants, which receives great attention due to its connection to an annual agenda of events that is directly and indirectly related to and promotes culture, and eco-tourism.

This year, the competition decided that three married and unmarried queens, as well as an ECO Teen queen.

The titles go as the following:

Miss Egypt Shaden Galal 2023

Mrs Egypt Nahla Khaled 2023 (married)

First runner-up, Maryam Khattab

Second runner-up Sarah Wence (she has a child)

Third runner-up Marwa Helmy (veiled)

Fourth runner-up Martina Anton

The result for Miss Teen

The winner is Janna Al-Sabaa

First runner-up, Nayrouz Ahmed

Second runner-up is Hana Haitham

Third runner-up: Rana Ihab

The jury consisted of Amal Rizk, Star Houria Farghaly, writer Yasmine Al-Khatib, Elham Wagdy, Nisreen Tafesh, Mohamed Al-Kashkashi, fashion designers Islam and Ibrahim Hashad, Mohamed Serag, Mohamed Negm, and Miss ECO International 2023 Thanh Ha, and artist Ahmed Abdullah

One of the most prominent features of the Bint Misr competition this year is that it includes 4 married contestants and one veiled, out of 29 contestants.