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SDF Suspends Cooperation with International Alliance

Fri 02 Dec 2022 | 09:04 PM
Ahmed Moamar

On Friday, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SFD) announced the cessation of all joint operations with the US-led international alliance against terrorism.

Aram Hanna, a spokesman for the (SDF), said that it had stopped all joint counter-terrorism operations after the Turkish bombing of its area of control.

The SDF is a US-backed group that helped defeat the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria.

Reuters quoted Aram Hanna as saying that "all coordination and joint operations to combat terrorism with the coalition" led by the United States have stopped.

On November 20, Turkey launched a series of air strikes targeting in northeastern Syria locations of Kurdish fighters belonging to a faction that Ankara classifies as a "terrorist organization".

Earlier Monday, Turkish officials said that the army needed only a few days to be ready for a ground incursion into northern Syria.

The Turkish announcement comes at a time when Turkish forces are bombing armed Kurdish factions across the border.