Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

SCA: Reports About Large Structure Near Khufu Pyramid Are False

Wed 15 May 2024 | 03:18 PM
Ali Abo Deshish - Ahmed Emam

The Director General of the Pyramid Antiquities region, Ashraf Mohie El-Din, has clarified that recent reports of a huge model or structure being discovered near the Great Pyramid of Khufu are incorrect. 

According to Mohie El-Din, a Japanese archaeological mission from the University of Waseda conducted a radar archaeological survey in the western cemetery of the Pyramids of Giza during the 2022-2023 excavation season with the approval of the Standing Committee for Egyptian Antiquities. 

The survey revealed a cavity underground, prompting the formation of an Egyptian-Japanese archaeological mission to excavate the site. However, as of now, no new archaeological discoveries have been made.

 Also in this regard, the Director General assured that a detailed report on the excavation results will be submitted to the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) once the mission is completed.