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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Russian Army Uses New Weapon Comparable to Nuclear Bomb in Ukraine 

Wed 06 Jul 2022 | 01:12 PM
Ahmed Moamar

In the battle in eastern Ukraine, the Russian army are using the latest rocket launchers, the power of which is comparable to a nuclear bomb, as it can wipe out 100 football fields, with its missiles, covering an area of 67 hectares, according to Russian reports.

The launcher "Tornado-S" is characterized by its high-precision missiles, as it competes with the American "HIMARS" launcher, which Washington recently sent to the Ukrainian army.

The "Tornado-S" is also considered one of Moscow's latest developments in the field of rocket launchers and was designed to replace older launchers such as the "BM-21 Grad" and "Smerch-30" due to its more dynamic movement and launch.

Vladimir Igor, a Russian military expert, says that the "Tornado-S" is an upgraded model of the "9K58-Smirch" rocket launcher, which is a mechanism equipped with 300-millimeter missiles with a maximum range of 120 kilometers.